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One Ton Done
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Bedwas Rocks
Mini Tour of East Anglia


Bedwas Rocks
Bristol Rugby
Daz's Rock 4 Charity 2014 The Grand Pier WSM
East Anglia
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Fiddlers Nighclub Bristol Nov 2012
Fiddlers Nightclub Bristol
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Mini Tour of East Anglia
One ton Done
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One Ton Done

On October 19th we celebrated our 100th Gig together as a band. The night included dancers from the 'Boulevard Girls' and the lovely Georgina Webb who came along and sang for us. We backed Georgina and she was fantastic. the whole night was a great success and we raised £500 for the Wallace and Gromit Appeal for The Royal Bristol Children's Hospital and St Michael's Neo natal Unit. Thanx to all who came along, it was brilliant night. 
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