The BiPolar Bears - Rock / Pop / Indie
Q.  Who are we?
A.  The BiPolar Bears are a four piece Bristol based Covers Rock and Pop Entertainment Band as follows:
Todd Phelan           
Lead Guitar and Vocals
Gary Wade          
Bass and Vocals
Scotty Harris            
Duncan Lewin         
Guitar and Keyboards
Q.  What do we do?
A.  We play good Music from the 60s to date.
Q.  Are we available for Public and Private Bookings?
A.  Yes. We always try to entertain in a style befitting the venue we are playing at.  For all bookings we will contact you to discuss your needs and wishes and endeavour to play any specific requests you may have.
(These are subject to time required to prepare your requests, our ability to do the song/s well and technical requirements of the song)
Q.  Are we self contained?
A.  Yes.  We have all the neccessary equipment to fill most venues and our own lighting and backdrops as well.  We will always ensure that we discuss with you the technical facilities available at your venue to ensure we bring the correct level of equipment with us.
Q.  How much do we charge?
A.  It depends on the venue, where it is, type of function (i.e. Wedding, New Years etc) and any incidental costs we may incur.
We always try to keep the costs as low as possible.
Q.  How do I book you?
A.  Please contact us initially by going to the
'Contact Us' page for contact details.
Please also take time to fill out the customer list to keep up to date with our up and coming events.
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